1966 Ford F100 Pickup: Taking Offers!

This all-original 1966 Ford F100 Twin I Beam Pickup is included in the upcoming sale of the Harman Estate, June 28-29, 2019. We will be taking offers here through 10am June 29th, as well as in-person offers during the full Estate Sale. The current highest offer will be updated here each day. At the end of the sale (3pm, Sat. June 29), the highest offer will be given to the family, and the offer will be accepted/declined at their discretion.

You can call our main number for inquiries, or place an offer at a minimum of $500 above the current highest offer by using the form below. This ensures we have your contact info. Since we can only update the current offer here every so often, if two or more offers are placed within a day that conflict with each other, preference goes to the first offer by the submit time of the form. All bidders will be informed of a higher offer, unless you reach a point you would no longer like to be notified.

We’ll add more details as we get them. You can see more pictures on our full listing. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the sale!

VIN: F10YL839710
Series: Ford F100 2WD Pickup
Engine: V8 352-2v 208hp 4400rpm

Plant: Michigan Truck
Year: 1966 (Mfg Mar 1966)
Miles: 22,190


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