Who needs an estate sale?

The need for an estate sale can arise under many circumstances, some of which are moving, relocating, downsizing, divorce, or when a family member has passed away. I concentrate my efforts on true estates, those where family members have passed away and those estates where selling it all or downsizing is a necessity such as guardianship, disabilities that impair one from keeping their home, and of course age-related issues. 

Will you come out to see my estate and do you charge for this service?

I will set an appointment time to meet with you and any other family members who would like to attend. There is never a charge for me to meet with you. I also work with attorneys, executors, guardians, and real estate agents, and would be happy to meet with them.
I will discuss your expectations and how I can help you have a successful estate sale. With your approval I will then schedule dates for your sale and start getting your estate ready.

What will Parker Estate Services Do for Us?

Parker Estate Services provides all of the resources needed to sort, organize, attractively display, research, price, advertise, and sell the contents of your estate. I work with you and the sales customers to provide an enjoyable, secure, and profitable sales experience for all parties involved. Typically, I start working in the home 2 to 3 weeks prior to the actual sales event, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. I bring in tables, display cases, lighting, covers for tables, and any other additional items needed for display. I provide exceptional attention to detail. I offer many years of experience and solutions for our Clients.

How far in advance do I need to book an estate sale?

I recommend 4 to 6 weeks’ notice. The time requirements will vary based on the size of the estate and the amount of preparation needed to conduct a successful sale.

What is a good time for an Estate Sale?

Estate sales are popular anytime of the year. The best days are Thursdays thru Saturdays.

What is your commission?

Commission rates vary depending on the size of the estate and the amount of work needed to prepare the home for sale.

What form of payment do you accept from customers?

Cash, personal checks with proper identification, Charge Cards & ATM.

How do you advertise (attract Buyers)?

Parker Estate Services uses the following: internet advertising with a national firm, my own website, ads in local newspapers, notification to special interest groups, dealers, collectors, and private buyers as the estate sales would warrant based upon the merchandise to be offered.

What happens to the proceeds at the end of the Estate Sale?

At the end of the sale, sales books are tallied, checked, and re-checked. The net proceeds, in the form of a Cashiers Check, along with a Final Sales Accounting Sheet (listing gross sales less commission and expenses), is given to the Administrator/Executor/Trustee/Owner of the Estate. This usually takes place within 5 business days of the last day of the sale.

What happens to any items left after the sale is over?

Most items sell at the Estate Sale, but at the end of the sale I offer the remainder of the items to anyone who is in the business of buying "the rest" of the estate. If this happens, the purchaser must take everything that is left and cannot leave anything behind. If the remaining items do not sell, we recommend that our clients give them to worthy charitable organizations.