Making a Difference

My team and I will treat your estate with dedication, diligence, and dignity, and ensure you put more money in your pocket at the end of the sale than you would without hiring us. If I don’t think that will be possible for your estate, you’ll know after the consultation.

First, do not throw anything away! If you think you should help eliminate and shorten the process, please don’t! There are things in homes that are small or large and seemingly insignificant. Resist the urge to throw them away. Do not hire dumpsters to haul things away. I know what is of value and what makes a potential sales item.

My first experience with a dumpster happened with an estate sale in northern California. The heirs had a full dumpster in the alley behind the garage and had filled it with “trash” or so they thought. I climbed into the dumpster and retrieved over $8,000 in sell-able merchandise including 22 canvas back duck decoys that had eyes missing etc. They brought $4,400.

At another estate in Stockton, Ca. I retrieved a doll from the top of a 30 gallon trash bag that was laying just outside the front door of the home I ended up selling at estate sale. The heirs had thrown it away as trash because the doll was missing its fingers on one hand, toes on both feet and had a large crack down the middle of its face. I carried the doll around as I looked at the estate and, as we were signing contracts, I asked what do you intend to do with the doll. They said, “Throw it away because it is just junk.” I sold the doll for them in excess of $800.00 in “as is” condition. The doll turned out to be a very rare K & R doll.

In another estate, in the San Joaquin Valley, a print of no significance to the owners (or at least they thought) commanded a selling price of over $40,000. Or even the stack of records we sold for over $600.00 that were destined for the trash at an estate I sold here in Belle Meade, TN in 2005. Needless to say the heirs in all these cases were thrilled and excited at the outcome.

I have many, many true stories like these that have happened at our estate sales. Perhaps your estate will yield the next  “storied” item, collection, painting, etc.”

I Set Up To Sell

 I set up each home or estate as a model home where everything is for sale. This can be a home with or without antiques. It can contain vintage, contemporary or new items. The entire house, the garage, closets, kitchen, cabinets, bathrooms, desks, drawers, and each nook are straightened, cleaned and displayed. We use existing cupboards, tables, end tables, and other furniture to display your small items. Many times we run out of room and then bring in our own tastefully covered display tables and display cases to hold your estate items and make sure they are properly displayed. The garage, as well as any outbuildings and the patio are used for overload items and also tools and garden equipment. When necessary, a large display tent is also used with tables lining the inside to display estate items. By the time we are ready for sale days, we have created an ambiance that is worthy of your merchandise, and a comfortable environment for the customer. When our customers see the estate displayed online, they can feel confident that your estate sale is worth coming to. The client can readily see that we have handled their Estate with Dignity, Diligence, and Dedication, giving them a sense of confidence in the estate sale process.

No Dealer Pre-Sale Days

I love for dealers to come to our estate sales, but there are no dealer pre-sale days. This way there is no exclusive cherry picking, leaving the house unorganized and with gaps in the rooms. I do not sell exclusively to dealer friends and acquaintances, but rather aim for the highest prices that I can realize. Parker Estate & Appraisal Services (PE AS) works for our client. I don’t just sell to get the job done, but make every effort to try to get between fair market value and retail prices. I bargain throughout the sale days and prices are not fixed, just suggested. It is first come, first served. I open to a public that has been notified in a variety of ways from our email listings, to online, to newspaper, and signage adv. 

Proven Results

My sales have shown that I get desired results. References are furnished upon request. I am very Confidential about each and every sale. I do not disclose cumulative final sales totals to anyone. (Except the heirs of course)

Sale Security

Security includes a doorman and watchers in certain rooms of the home.  Jewelry and small collectibles are displayed in cases.  Our goal is to maintain a steady comfortable flow of people throughout the Estate Sale without incident.

National Service

Parker Estate Services & Appraisals will go anywhere in the United States to handle large, substantial estate sales for my Clients.

Very Few Box Lots

The few box lots I have serve as a catch-all for those items that I know will not sell as a singular item or as a special grouping of items.

Marry Estates

In a very few rare instances I may find it necessary to “marry” or bring together another estate to an existing estate in order to enhance both estates and give the public a sale that is worthy of their trip. When I do we announce it.