Estate Services

No matter the situation – a modest home filled with general furnishings or a mansion filled with the finest collections – we expertly sell all manner of personal property. While we primarily serve the greater Nashville, TN area, we have conducted sales across the country and continue to do so for substantial estates.

Client names and sales totals are kept confidential. However, an extensive list of volunteer references can be furnished upon request, and our sales records prove we get desired results.


higher profits

With our unmatched attention to detail, extensive network of buyers, and professional service, your estate sale will generate more income by hiring us than by selling it on your own. If we don’t think that’s possible, we won’t take the sale.


lower Stress

What do you do with all of the items, heirlooms, and just plain stuff accumulated over the years? Leave that to us while you enjoy peace of mind.


“I treat your estate as if it were my own, working with dedication, diligence, and dignity while providing the highest degree of confidentiality and professionalism.”

– Larry J. Parker, Founder

How do we do it? We take care of your estate in four simple steps.



We provide a free in-home consultation as a risk-free way for you to ask any questions. We’ll assess the potential success of your sale, and discuss scheduling, cleanup, and fees.



We clean, organize, display, research, and price everything for sale, as well as market the sale through multiple channels.

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Our experienced staff is friendly and helpful, ready to answer questions, and will take care of everything including traffic flow, security, and check-out.



A Cashier’s Check and Finalization Report will be issued to you within 5 working days from the last day of sale.